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About Us

WT Oil & Gas Services Ltd, is a Malta registered and based company specialising in the provision and supply of goods and services to the oil and gas sectors. The company was set up in response to the market’s need for products and services based on the oil and gas industry. Since the beginning of its existence, our efforts have been concentrated on providing advanced solutions to offer high quality products and services. 


Our main area of specialisation is the procurement, repairs and maintenance services to other entities in the  oil and gas sector.

We go beyond traditional sourcing by offering experienced project management teams whom are knowledgeable about the applications we service and our product offerings. Our staff is able to ensure that all of your commercial needs, technical requirements, and project schedules are met with precision — no matter where in the world the project is located.

Utilising many years of knowledge in the Oil and Gas Industry, WT Oil & Gas has the ability to meet customer requirements, including tailor-made supply packages, from single items to full projects. Thanks to the cooperation with our partners, we can offer high quality branded products to our clients worldwide . Our dedicated teams reach our Clients with Quality Solutions supported by latest and top notch Technology Transfer. Our key objective in all sectors is to provide our customers with value-added outcomes and optimum return on their investment. It is our aim to ensure innovative and flexible solutions in order to exceed all stakeholders' expectations.


We take pride in understanding our customers’ challenges and needs, and we strive to help our customers succeed by continuously providing the best solution.


  • To achieve the Mission Statement, WT Oil & Gas Services will endeavour:

  • To engage in a partnership of success with the customer through both its product and service.

  • To build success through supplier management, building on existing supply chain systems.

  • To develop integrated information systems to be shared with customers and suppliers as a platform for communication.

  • To create a culture of continuous improvement in all areas of the business.

Our Values

We believe that the creation of business opportunities and exchange of technologies is crucial for the development of the economy and have proactively based our business strategies towards achieving such mission. The core elements of those strategies are implementation of local machining, obtainment of international certifications, maintaining high quality standards and abiding to business ethics. ​

Safety first - personal safety and employee health is our greatest responsibility together with the protection of our environment. We strive for an incident-free workplace with happy and motivated employees among our business partners and safe operations with respect for the environment.


Quality - the highly specialized competencies of our network companies ensure a high quality within all our services. We always meet the customer’s unique technical standard. Thus, we strive to be our customers’ trusted partner and their preferred service solution provider.


Proactivity - we are prescient on behalf of our customers.

Timeliness - time is a key factor in the offshore industry, and we take pride in delivering our services on time.


Flexibility - we take pride in offering flexible solutions for repair and upgrades to the rig market. This includes having two all-weather ports and a 24-hour operating work force.


Good relations - through close working relationships we secure the best value for our customers.

Professional project management - our competitive advantage is based on continually improving our processes and finding innovative solutions to the challenges and needs of our customers.

Independence & Confidentiality

Independence is a core value of our firm. To preserve WT Oil & Gas Services’ independence, we do not accept any contingent fees or other compensation that may be considered to be conditional upon the outcome of our works. We also respect the independence of our clients by treating every assignment with strict confidentiality.

Our Team

Our team works with the clients on their specific project requirements and equipment specifications. We have extensive experience and expertise to handle and execute all aspects of oilfield supplies. Our experience guarantees the customer with high quality, cost effective, prompt and professional supplies and services.


Major oilfield companies and their projects as always demand proven equipment at competitive prices, which WT Oil & Gas Services complies with its quality, technology, and value. With its experienced personnel, WT Oil & Gas Services has the expertise to supply materials at the optimum price, specification and delivery for important project requirements.

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