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Our Services

WT Oil & Gas Services Ltd provides a variety of procurement, servicing and supply of goods and services to the oil and gas industry. We have clients in a wide variety of sectors - from businesses to individuals. Whilst based in Malta we service internationally. Realising the increased of energy demand throughout the world, we are taking an opportunity to be part of the materials supply for the oil and gas industry.


Procurement of Parts & Equipment

We provide parts and equipment to the oil and gas industry, our lead markets are North Africa and the Middle East.  Procurement in the Oil & Gas Industry has become an essential service in today’s competitive marketplace. Our role is to find and supply all the manufactured goods associated with the exploration and delivery of oil and gas. Our customers expect an exceptional level of service and we fulfil that expectation by delivering a reliable, honest, diligent and conscientious service that meets their specific demands.

With experience in the oil industry, our team have relationships with renowned manufacturers, major mills and suppliers worldwide and are able to supply equipment to the correct specification, on time and within budget.

Working for various oil and gas companies we can procure and ship all equipment and material used in exploration, drilling, marine services, production and oil product disciplines.


Our Company has access to a comprehensive range of parts and equipment that helps its customers fulfil gaps and meet their requirements. Our extensive capability is a result of our strong relationship with our international partners worldwide  who provide suitable solutions from highly specialized to basic requirements. With the support of our partners, we provide after-sales and technical services including training. The products and services we offer include:

  • Electrical Equipment

  • Instrumentation Equipment

  • Mechanical Equipment – Static and Rotating, including pumps (oil pumps, centrifuged and submersible water pumps)

  • Drilling Equipment for onshore and offshore activities

  • Construction Equipment

  • Pressure Vessels & Explosion-Proof Equipment

  • Production equipment and tools, including down-hole tools & surface facilities

  • Racking, Shelving and Mechanical Handling Equipment

  • Hardware and software for automation

  • Geophysics

  • Geology

  • Petrophysics

  • Reservoir Engineering

  • Production Engineering

  • Wells


Procurement of Consumables & Materials

We provide consumables to the oil and gas industry, our lead markets are North Africa and the Middle East. WT Oil & Gas is dedicated to ensuring that all consumables and materials  are procured at the lowest possible cost - cost being defined as the optimum combination of price, quality, availability, and service.

When operating in harsh, remote environments, such as those of Oil & Gas. it is crucial to have the right components on hand. And if they are not in stock, you need to be able to get hold of them quickly.

We work closely with trusted manufacturers to ensure that we deliver the right product, on time – every time. Our team takes the procurement process in a fully professional manner, taking the following process.

Location Supplies

Our Procurement specialists have developed a strong network of suppliers on an international scale. We can efficiently locate and secure the necessary products.

Price Negotiation

We are dedicated to providing the most competitive pricing for our customers. We negotiate with a series of partner organizations for the best prices for the product you need. We are confident that our bids will be the most reasonable available.


Once your needs are identified, located and negotiated for, we will arrange to have the items immediately delivered directly to you anywhere in the world.


Our commitment to our customers goes beyond. Our strategic location and allied representatives allows us to guarantee the training, technical support and warranties of the goods we sell in a professional, fast and effective way.


Servicing & Repairs

We provide servicing and repairs to the oil and gas industry.  We have our technical team  who whilst based in Malta is ready to travel worldwide to serve our clientele.

Our experience in engineering and project management gives you the maximum value from your offshore assets – with minimum downtime.  Our engineers, technicians and operation support staff are trained in the health and safety standards of the oil and gas industry.  

Giving you maximum value from your assets by minimizing downtime. We get the job done fast - without interfering with your operations. We guarantee that your asset will meet global safety demands and that it will be back in operation on schedule and budget - in better shape than ever.


An area which we strongly promote is that of Periodic Preventive Maintenance

  • Periodic Preventive Maintenance (PPM) is a service concept including checks, findings and corrections on offshore installations. The work is performed in specialized teams.

  • The PPM concept in WT Oil & Gas Services  is based on a nesting box concept where quality and experience are secured through on the job training of new technicians by experienced technicians in well-established PPM

  • teams

  • The PPM team works as an autonomous unit consisting of a supervisor and technicians who perform PPM checks, create and correct job findings. The team works independently and the PPM  technicians have gone through  training to solve the whole job without interference with the fixed operations personnel of the platform.

  • The PPM teams can upon your request be supplied with a tool box container including all consumables and tools needed for carrying out the job. The benefit for the customer is time saving and known cost of the complete PPM scope.

Electrical Services

We service a wide range of electrical systems and equipment to make sure that your vessel is in top shape for its next assignment. Below is an extract of what we can handle for our customers:

  • Electrical-Ex maintenance

  • Thermography inspections

  • Generator installation

  • UPS systems

  • Breaker test (primary and secondary)

  • Testing and cleaning of switchboards

  • Thermography

  • Battery capacity test of UPS systems

  • EX distribution boards and control panels

  • Check, test and cleaning of Fire and Gas detection systems

  • High voltage switchboards and cable installation

  • Level monitoring systems

  • Various HMI / SCADA / DCS systems

  • Emergency shutdown systems (ESD)

Mechanical Services

We provide efficient and high quality mechanical maintenance and services for sizes of projects. Below is an extract of our offerings:

  • Steel work

  • Rig interface

  • Deck extension and walkways

  • Piping LP/HP, Plastic piping

  • Scaffolding and rigging

  • Special welding repairs

  • Leg repairs and replacement of bracings

  • General design and fabrication

  • Thrusters replacement

  • Drag chain upgrade or modification

  • Leg inspection / repair

  • Lifeboat upgrade, installation and commissioning

  • Removal and disposal of existing cranes and pedestals

  • Cranes, pedestals, kingposts and booms

  • Drillers cabin replacement or upgrade

  • Handrail, Walkway and Stair Tower systems

Valves: Test, Repair & Calibration

  • SSSV

  • Safety valves (PSV)

  • Pressure regulators valves

  • Flow, level and temperature regulators

  • Air valves

  • Wire line retrievable safety valves

  • Gas lift valves

  • Chemical injection valves

  • Dump kill valves

  • Water injection valves

  • Control valves


Management of Oil Fields

Our expertise in oilfield services, combined with our professional team and technologies, provides us with operation and management capability with a range of solutions towards the management of oil fields. 

A key benefit of our service delivery is our knowledge of regulatory requirements and the industry-leading technologies we have developed for managing such fields. We can provide the following services:

  • Consultancy 

  • Subsurface characterization

  • Well design

  • Siting and permitting

  • Conveyance design and optimization

  • Construction management

Our company can provide services offshore and onshore, our team is ready to travel worldwide and in remote locations to support and meet our clients. 


WT OIL & GAS Services has developed fit-for-purpose solutions for monitoring overlying aquifers in oil and gas operations. The multilevel monitoring technology allows us to evaluate oil pressure and quality at any number of discrete positions within a single well to demonstrate environmental compliance.


Management of Gas Fields

Our experienced, competent and reliable staff are able to manage your valuable assets - from the day-to-day operation to the repair and maintenance of your asset structure and electrical systems. You can trust our people to protect your assets.


Our resource pool consists of a large number of skilled workers and technicians within all trades. All resources have first-hand experience from working offshore on rigs and platforms. Our service is responsive and flexible, providing exactly the people you need, where and when you need them.

Our company can provide services offshore and onshore, our team is ready to travel worldwide and in remote locations to support and meet our clients. 

We always go the extra mile to supply the right people for the job - quickly and efficiently. We put much effort into matching skills and experience to the challenges at hand. Therefore, you will also experience that skills from WT Oil & Gas Services equals industry experience, relevant qualifications and a flexible and solution-oriented mindset.


We can provide the following services:


  • Consultancy 

  • Subsurface characterization

  • Siting and permitting

  • Conveyance design and optimization

  • Construction management


Catering & General Services

We provide catering and general services to the oil and gas industry. Our company offers excellent catering support services to the oil and gas industries across the globe. It employs talented people in the hospitality industry, where they exhibit their culinary arts to the admiration and satisfaction of all our clients.

In order to maintain a quality workforce, employers in the oil and gas industry must make sure the needs of their employees are met when out on the rig. This means feeding them, and feeding them well. Having a caterer on site is an excellent way to make sure your team is getting the fuel it needs to complete the work at hand. Plus, better food leads to greater satisfaction, which leads to more productive employees, which in turn yields higher profits for your business.

Our catering division offers inspired menus with a variety of delicious, high quality food selections for onshore settings, oil rigs, events and social gatherings and provides full service catering with staffing for buffet service. We have the management resources, board approval and commitment to ensure a successfully run catering business. WE have developed a reputation for retaining contracts through consistent delivery of professional and flexible service. We are also well-versed in the safety requirements associated with catering on the rig, and adhere to the highest level of standards.

Our catering team will work with you to craft a menu that satisfies every employee, while treating their taste buds in the process. Quality is a staple in every menu we create, and your company’s budget is always kept in mind. From daily lunches at your facility to speciality events, our full-service caterers are here to help you create a favourable culinary experience, every time. This translates to a happier, healthier and more productive workforce — all traits which are priceless when it comes to your bottom line.

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